Online Help

Reservations Overview

You are able to use Thailand Golfers to book any of the 87 premium golf courses listed on our website in Thailand online 24 hours a day. Locate your next golf course online by looking at the golf courses geographical location by province.  Once you have selected the province you are able to browse through the different golf courses in that province. Select a golf course that you are interested in which would then provide you with a description, facilities, course layout and facilities. You are able to book your tee time from the same page. Payment for your tee time is done through a secure connection with Bangkok Bank directly. Once the reservation has been made and email will be sent to you to confirm your reservation. Failure to cancel the tee time before the deadline will result in you being charged the green fees.

Where do you want to play in Thailand?

Decide where in Thailand you wish to play golf. Select from the top or side menu click on the province where you wish to play. This may be Bangkok, Phuket or any of the other provinces listed. Once you have selected a province in which to play browse the different golf courses by name. Click on the name of the golf course and it will provide you with a complete listing of the golf course. It will list a full description, facilities available, pictures, location and address.  If you wish to continue your search for a golf course in that province simple click on the “back” button in your browser.

Selecting a golf course

Once you have located a golf course at which you wish to play, scroll down the page until you see the tee time menu labeled “Book Now”

Select the date by clicking on the small calendar icon next to the date. Now select a month and a date for which you would like to book your tee time with the golf course. Next you need to select the amount of players below that. Once the date and number of players has been selected, click on “tee time” and select the time at which you wish to play. Once you have selected your tee time date, players and time, click on “continue”.  A new screen opens and lists your tee time booking. From here you can add more tee times by clicking on “add more tee times” alternatively you can delete your booking by clicking on the red circle with a white cross in it under the heading “Del”.

Entering Payment Information and Guaranteeing Your Tee Time

You will now be taken to our banks online payment facility. Your credit card will also serve as the guarantee for the tee time. Therefore, you will need to use a valid credit card and enter your billing information. All payment and customer information is entered through a secure (SSL) interface – the same kind of security used by financial web sites. Enter all requested information. If any necessary information is omitted, you will be prompted for the missing information before being allowed to continue.

NOTE: If you have an e-mail address, please enter it, since the confirmation message will be sent to the e-mail address that you provide.

Making Cancellations

If you need to cancel your guaranteed tee time reservation, you must do so within the timeframe defined by the course. Typically, this is 48 hours prior to your tee time, but courses have varying policies. Failure to cancel the tee time prior to the cancellation deadline will result in Thailand Golfers charging your credit card for the greens fees.